Monday, July 12, 2010

People, get ready to party!

Dec. 31, 1965
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Because I just quit my job! Thats right. Two more weeks and then I am FREE! FREE I TELL YOU! After almost two years and more stress than I can put into words I am finally cutting ties with the local Women's shelter that I work at. I believe in the work they are doing there but it is no longer for me. I am burnt out. I don't know how some of those amazing women have been working there for 10 + years!

Do I know what I am going to do now? No. Probably it will involve me moving back home with mommy. (Lame? Yes. Free rent? YES. Hell I am still young enough for this to be only slightly lame.)

Am I happy with my choice? YEP.

Do I need a drink? Most definitely.

Wish me luck people! It is going to be a bumpy ride!!!!

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