Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes 2010

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I LOVE awards season. I love everything about it. The movies, the stars, the dresses, the speeches- it is all soooo good. I love the 'star machine' of Hollywood and that these people are larger than life and that there is no WAY they are normal human beings but really we wouldn't want them to be. Just to make it clear I am not a fan of the stalking of stars and the ridiculous lengths that people go to to get a shot of them buying groceries or picking up their kids from school- frankly I don't care what they do in their everyday lives what I want is the star I know and love in movies, having interviews in magazines, and rocking it on the red carpet. Award shows always seem to bring back a little bit of that glamour of old Hollywood that I love so much and it never disappoints. The Globes are fun because they are a little bit more laid back and there is a quirkiness that tends to happen in the room that is hard to describe.

As far as the awards go I was fairly happy with the results but I am a little over Avatar and as such I was not pleased to see it get so much attention (they already have all the money in the world I don't think they need awards too!) But how cute was Robert Downey Jr.'s non-acceptance speech? And I loved Martin Scorsese's speech about movies and how the preservation of movies is so important to him. You hear him talk and you just know how much he loves movies- how refreshing is it to see someone who loves their job so much?

Also I really enjoyed seeing all the stars deal with the rain on the red carpet. They seemed to do rather well but a couple of the reporters did not. One in particular looked like a drowning rat and it was so funny. I am really not being mean it was just she was struggling so much to hold it together but you knew she was totally pissed that the rain was ruining her look- I would have been too.

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