Tuesday, September 1, 2009

just a bit more coverage...

My friend bought the cutest dress when she was in Spain.

Sadly while it was cute for a night of dancing and cocktails and cute boys it wasn't quite appropriate enough for the family wedding that she needed to go to.

So she wanted just a bit more coverage...

I helped make a little extra layer for the dress so that it will be appropriate for the wedding she needs to go to but I made it so if she ever wanted to take it off it shouldn't be too hard.

Project Runway I am not since this little alteration took me a good long time to figure out and execute. I really need to stop by the library and pick up some sewing books. I know the basics but I really want to learn some skills (skilz?). Anybody have any suggestions of good sewing technique books?

What little skills I have are going to be put to the test with this year's Halloween costume. I have always made my own costumes and lately I have been a bit more ambitious. It is going to be epic. And if it looks anything like the pictures in my head it is going to be sweet... to early to be thinking about Halloween you say? NEVER! Who else is excited?

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