Monday, August 10, 2009

Julie and Julia and A Perfect Getaway

Sunday was an excellent day of getting together with friends and going to the movies. In the afternoon I went to see "Julie and Julia" and it was an enjoyable movie. Like a lot of other people I enjoyed the 'Julia' half more than the 'Julie' part but overall it was a cute little movie. I was wondering whether or not the film would perhaps influence people to start a blog (or to post to their own more regularly...). I wonder how many people were sitting in the theater dreaming up something as crazy as 524 recipes in 365 days. Then I was wondering if I needed something like that. Do I need some sort of goal? Some project that will magically give me purpose and direction in my life? Well it seems like a great idea but for now I feel more comfortable going along my way and just posting when it 'feels right'. I dont want to tell myself that as a 'blogger' or a 'crafter' or whatever that I HAVE to do things a certain way- isnt that what I am trying to get away from in other parts of my life? I feel as soon as I tell myself that I will 'post something everyday' or 'make so many projects a week' that I will just post pointless crap (which you may think I already do) but at least when I post something now it is something I do want to share or talk about. So until I find a project with some goals that feel right to me I think I will just keep puttering away as I try to figure things out.

Oh yeah- Later on Sunday I went to see 'A Perfect Getaway'. I have a love hate relationship with horror/scary/thriller movies. I lean more towards the 'thriller' movies that have smart plot lines and not a lot of gore. When I first heard about 'A Perfect Getaway' I completely dismissed it. Not interested. No thank you. But then the second trailer came out and I was sure for a second that I had seen Timothy Olyphant. Now I was interested. Then I started hearing that it was good- not handing out Oscars good but campy/B-movie good. Sold. After an afternoon of French cooking with Julie and Julia I headed back to the theater for a dessert of cheap thrills with a side of eye candy. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. For me it was in the perfect place at the perfect time. It was quick, fun, and surprisingly smart. Honeymooners Cliff (Steve Zahn) and Cydney (Milla Jovovich) are in Hawaii to soak up some sun but as they start their trip they hear that some tourists have been murdered. They hook up on a trail they are hiking with Nick (Olyphant) and Gina (Kiele Sanchez). The story keeps you guessing long enough about who the killers are before divulging in an extensive black and white flashback and then returning to the matter at hand to wrap things up in a burst of adrenaline. I enjoyed not being able to figure things out right away and that the movie really did have a B-movie feel. It did have some gore but not so much that I wanted to throw up or leave the theater (I only had to cover my eyes once). And besides a nude scene (where you dont see anything besides the backside of Nick-tee hee) there was not the usual scary movie sex scene. Actually I think there was more making out in Julie and Julia than this movie. Overall it was a FUN film that had enough cleverness to make me want to see it again now that I have it all figured out. And seriously I will see it again for Mr. Olyphant.

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