Sunday, September 4, 2011

Countdown to Halloween

This is pretty exciting! Already September and Halloween is just around a dark and spooky corner. Fall temperatures are finally here and I am all sorts of ready for sweater/layering season.

In honor of my favorite holiday I am taking the plunge and committing to the 'Countdown to Halloween' a month long blog-a-thon. In all honesty I have already started a list of posts for October so it seemed only right to make a real commitment. If you are interested in also doing so check out the website.

They also have some really cool badges up this year that you can use to spruce up your blog! My favorite is this Vincent Price badge.

That is some Halloweeny goodness right there folks!
Other things from RubyMarilyn to come include: Food, crafts, decor, costumes, zombies, films, and 'vintage Halloween' posts. 

Happy Haunting!

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