Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So I was looking for a super cute retro St. Patrick's day picture to add to this post when I stumbled upon this little gem from Grantasaurus Wrecks on flickr. Isn't is just pin-up perfection? So cute. I think if I could have looked a little more like this on my Ireland trip I may have been a bit more "lucky". Hehe.

Anyways....actual trip photos to follow though they are all up on my flickr already. For now I will recap my goals and evaluate...

-Look for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow: There was not enough rain while we were there to get rainbows- but I did see several good locations where leprechauns may have been hiding : )

-Drink more Guinness than I thought was humanly possible: Mk so we did the Guinness storehouse thing and it was cool but that is so not my drink. I found a lovely Irish cider called Bulmers that I became best friends with.

-Watch the rugby Six Nations match between Ireland and Wales in a pub: Ended up watching the Six Nations match between Ireland and Wales in a castle....close enough

-talk with lots of locals: not as many as I would have liked. We spent so much damn time in the car. Best night in Dublin though talking to cutest Irish boy about every topic under the sun. (Message to cute Irish boy- I am pretty sure we are soul mates and if we ever find each other again we should get married.)

-buy lots of tacky souvenirs for friends (and myself): Done and done.

-take lots of pictures with PEOPLE IN THEM (I am notoriously bad at this): OK so there were lots of pictures without people in them but I did get lots of cute shots with my friend. Once again though I am sad I didnt take a picture of cute Irish boy in Dublin. Sigh.

-go with the flow: kind of had to

I will not:

-Make bad choices...: define bad choices

-freak out at my friend while trying to navigate the narrow roads: that happened a bit. Driving is freaking scary over there!

-worry about things I can not change: better than usual but still did that.

Overall an amazing trip. I am sad to be back home and back to the normal everyday life. Now everyone go out and have a pint and celebrate St. Patrick's day properly!

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