Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Steampunk Secret?

So I know it is sick and wrong but I was totally captivated tonight by the Victoria Secret 'fashion' show. I know, I know, I am a feminist, I should hate it and everything associated with it...and I do...up to a point. For as much as I can't agree with the insanely narrow range of 'beauty' portrayed by this company I was kind of jealous. Jealous of the people who got to MAKE some of those super awesome outfits. No not the underwear, I am talking about the angel wings made out of balloons, or the corset dress made out of balloons, and the diamond encrusted everythings. ( I really had a strong urge to bejewel something.) But the section I was most surprised by was the 'enchanted forest' which to me looked more like a steampunk extravaganza. Now I am no expert in the style but when you incorporate some nice tweeds with your lingerie, add a bustle, and throw on some gear filled angel wings I am pretty sure you are nearing what it generally considered steampunk and I thought it was pretty cool. I would love to see an independent group of female designers throw a lingerie fashion show- just scoot on over to etsy to see how many talented designers are out there!

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