Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Shopping Round 1

So I finally caved in and bought some stuff for Halloween. Like many people I am on a budget so I am really trying to get some bang for my buck.

The List:
Black paper plates square and round
'Bone Appetit' Napkins
3 'Poison' Bottles to add labels to and add to the the bathroom
black and orange candy melts (bought molds online- will post when they arrive)
black and orange food coloring (you have no idea how much i am going to bake!)
mini led lights- they will be used somehow...
'Caution' tape- this is going to go across an open door looking into my room which I am going to make into a creepy Halloween scene
'Hocus Pocus'- Best Halloween movie EVER! Had to buy a copy since my old 'taped off of tv on vhs' version stayed at my mom's house

Maybe I spent a little bit more than I planned to for this trip but it is all worth it. Target had some really cute stuff but I just wasn't sure what I would do with some of it.

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